Sex, Love and Refurb

This post’s title might be tad misleading since I will not be discussing sexual encounters in my first topical post, though if the motto of my site is going to be “On Em-ything Goes, Anything Goes”, perhaps I shouldn’t rule it out as being a future topic!

Any-who, these past few weeks have been incredibly hectic for me as I transition from full-time student to full-time worker, moved all of my boyfriends stuff (of which there is certainly no shortage) into my apartment, and had my wisdom teeth taken out. But, of course we (the BF and myself) had time to complete our very first collaborative refinishing project in the midst of it all. And man was it one heck of a project!

When we picked up this dresser, previously Pirates themed of course because, what other kind of theme would there have been to dedicate to a piece of storage furniture *insert eye-roll*, I was sure we were in well over our heads. Especially since this was a first for both of us!IMG_4343

There were cobwebs to spare and a solid inch of sawdust that resided in the lower drawers as a result of years of neglectful existence in the previous owners basement.



Armed with our paint scrapers and sand paper we jumped in headfirst and didn’t look back. And, after almost 12 hours of work we were left, not with a baseball themed hunk of dusty junk, but with a contemporary and sleek looking addition to our growing furniture collection!

This refinishing project was not only a way to gain extra storage in my currently tiny apartment but also a great way to connect and put a collaborative and creative stamp on something we will use everyday. Because, really, what better way to bond then getting crafty with someone you love?!


Emmie P.