The First One!

Well hello there!

Thank you for stumbling upon this little corner of the digital world. Em-ything Goes (pun 100% intended) is a rather unique place filled with lots of little topics to explore and catch-up on the projects I’m working on and maybe even get inspired to express your own creativity!

I am a PA chicka working to pay off those infamous college debts while maintaining and expressing my personal creativity through music, crafts and food. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts on whatever I happen to think about a given week (remember Em-ything Goes on here!) but mostly a place for me to share with you and hopefully inspire those approaching any milestone in life that if you do what you love success will find you, not the other way around!

You are welcome to comment and make your creative voice heard, and if you like what you see please follow!

Thanks a big bunch for checking my page out, I hope you make your way back here sometime soon to see what I’ve been up to, and remember: Em-ything Goes!


Emmie P.