Nothing Broke but Spring DID Break

Spring Term is about to end for me. Which means, that I am about to be thrust into the real world. That meaning, the world of working and paying for things with REAL money instead of loans. Moving away from a college campus and, by way of that, most of the friends I have made in the past 4 years. These amount other things like the prospect of graduate school and the infamous FUTURE… have me quaking in my Bean boots!

Needless to say, I am in need of some distraction from the ridiculously high stress levels. So! Here comes some nostalgia about a super awesome Spring Break with some of those great friends!

Preface: We stayed in Gatlinburg, TN in this AMAZING renovated cabin, filled floor to ceiling with incredibly endearing bear decor. However, the only images of the inside of that cute cabin are located in a rather embarrassing house tour video that I, along with some others, made while enjoying a noticeable amount of alcoholic beverages. I may upload a voice over version of this short film to my YouTube channel at some point, but it will take some heavy editing first. Regardless! Here are some of the highlights from our Spring Break trip to the Smokey Mountains and beyond, enjoy!

IMG_0284Laurel Falls – We climbed down this steep, stone trail to get up close to the falls. Surprisingly enough only one (who will remain unnamed) actually fell in said falls!

IMG_0055This lovely little babbling brook welcomed us at the base of Mt. LeConte… lets just say the rest of this hike was not quite a quaint. IT. WAS. STRENUOUS!

IMG_0089At this point Stephen was still following close behind me and my enthused efforts to reach the peak… those efforts and our pace quickly slowed once we realized just how far it was to the top.

IMG_0198You may be thinking: “Wow, it looks like she’s almost made it!”. You would in fact be wrong, because this picture was taken with still about a 1/3 of the way to go. But, it was a gorgeous view so that makes up for the pain, right?!

IMG_0111Just some happy, camping, ants on a literal log!

IMG_0115C’mon this is just too pretty! Right? There were some terrifying falling cliff icicles but the melting ice close to the top made for some lovely images!

IMG_0039This was taken before we even reached the Smokey Mountains when we stopped to picnic at New River Gorge in West Virginia. We also saw an eagle or a hawk or something majestic like that.. but, I am not a skilled enough photographer to have captured its beauty. So, this picture of the gorge bridge will have to suffice!

The final two pictures of this quick tour through my senior Spring Break trip are from the final stop we made in Nashville. (Probably my fave US city) We stayed at a gorgeous Air B&B that was sandwiched between a ton of recording studios and decorated with old records and memorabilia from record labels. It was such a treat!

While I took hundreds of pictures on this trip, these are some of my favorites. Let me know what you think!