What graduation was like: A story told mostly through food

These past few weeks have been insane. But, the plus side to entering the real world is that all of your family and friends are there to feed you and try to keep you from thinking about the strange shock that arises when you realize homework won’t just start up again in August. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly pumped to have completed my Undergraduate career and realize I am lucky to, not only, have gone to college, but also, to have my family there to celebrate and support my work along the way.

Though, an odd emotion has accompanied all of the excitement and satisfaction. This emotion is some confusing mixture of emptiness because undergraduate studies are no longer part of my life, excitement that my hard work paid off and that schoolwork is done for at least a year, and confusion about how I am going to occupy myself now outside of the 40-50 hours of scheduled work I have per week. Is there a name for this odd emotion? I know I can’t be the only person to experience it…

Regardless, I have been exposed to so many new foods in this past week with all of my friends and family wanting to celebrate that I figured I’d show you some of them! I mean really, what better way to try and understand your feelings than through food?!?! (I realize there are better ways, but this has really been quite a nice way!)

First things first: the big, fancy, obligatory Italian meal was awesome! We ate at this great place called Lidia’s on Smallman St. in the Strip District. It. Was. Fabulous! While everyone’s food was DEE-lish the dish that truly stood out was the Duck Ragu Gnocchi. Luckily, I was the member of our party to have ordered this, so aside from letting everyone taste, it was mainly all mine! I would 10 out of 10 recommend this meal to anyone who is looking for a hearty, modern take on a reliable Italian classic. I had it with a light, but fulfilling Sauvignon Blanc, which, much like this dish, was an unexpected but delicious combo!


The next night we went up to the iconic Mt. Washington to see the sunset which made for some great photo ops of the horizon.

We ate outside on the deck of the Shilo Grill, which was unexpectedly part of the Harris Grill franchise. Though, had we not been told that by our fabulous server, I’d have been completely unaware because the quality of service and food surely felt like a small, privately owned restaurant! I got two drinks, a Blackberry Basil Gin Fizz which was AWESOME! And another that was some sort of Strawberry Lavender Mojito, this was not very good but I think it may have been a completely different drink because it tasted more like the way their Pink Lemonade cocktail sounded than it did the drink I ordered. Alas, things cannot exist without balance, ya win some ya lose some and all that. 🙂 My meal, Eggplant Napoleon, was awesome though and a great vegetarian option (one of the many on their menu!)


This post seems to be getting long, so I can save some of the other highlights from my graduation celebrations and start of life in the real world for these next few weeks! Who knows, maybe the nostalgia will give me some closure as the reality that college is done, at least for now, starts to set in. They say denial is the best coping mechanism, right?

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts below!