The “WolfPack” Takes Vegas

No, sadly there will be no cameo’s made by the real deal “three-best-friends”of the Hangover “Wolfpack” on our family trip to Las Vegas… at least none planned… But, Zach or Ed or Bradley if you are in the area hit me up that would be one heck of a birthday present! ;P

Two years in the making “Peffer’s Take Vegas”, as my father and uncle have so aptly named, is the cumulative celebration of many exciting recent and upcoming occasions so we are going all out on this trip. Whilst we will be staying in a hotel, obviously, aside from the very first night so I will try and video document our all-nighter shenanigans of that first night and upload that so you can see what we do! ( I have heard all-nighters in Vegas are quite common… however, I have never pulled an active all-nighter so we shall see how I do!)

Any ways, as if I haven’t said it enough: I am going to LAS VEGAS BABY! Which means a full few days of good food, good times and *predictably* good weather! Now all of those things are also easily found in Pittsburgh, but recently the good weather part has been lacking due to a seemingly very confused climate. I am so incredibly excited to share my outfits, activities and the great food that we will be eating so there will likely be some new more lifestyle-ish posts coming off of this trip (provided I don’t get swamped with school work once we return *fingers crossed*), so stay tuned for the details on what doesn’t stay in Vegas; though anything does go so we shall see!

Peace out for now!