Rainy Days and Mac & Cheese Never Get Me Down


There are very few things that inspire me as much as good music and food. So, to set up the scene: imagine a rainy October in the library, listening to some good, new tunes (after spending the weekend singing and rehearsing) strolling through some Pins. When, all of the sudden a mystical new idea comes into your mind; sprung of the seeds that a three week hiatus from grocery shopping will produce. “BBQ Mac & Cheese”. Seeing that phrase initiated a hunger that (when paired with my lack of lunch) made my mouth water more than a meal had in a LOOONNNGGGG time! (Probably as long as it’s been since my last post!)

So here it is!

The before: even this looks great!
The after… I mean come on. My mouth is watering all over again!

It looks D-LISH, right!? Well, let me tell you, it tasted even better! I took into account nearly 5 different recipes to make this dish. And, really, I think that it is therein where the beauty of a good Mac & Cheese dish lies; you can get creative!