High Hopes in a Hope Chest

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND! For some that means a 3-4 day weekend of time off and relaxation. For others, it’s more of a philosophical holiday rather than a physical one. But, you know what that means to me? Three full days of work… just not in an office or classroom setting. Not, that I’m complaining! I much prefer my sofa and ambient Netflix to an uncomfortable desk and putting on clothes! This long weekend has also brought an exciting development to my decor situation: the addition of an old cedar hope chest!

Before coming across this piece I had no clue what a hope chest was, much to my mothers’ confusion since she raised a true romanic! But for those who don’t know, just as I didn’t before acquiring this piece, a hope chest is traditionally given to a bride (or bride to be) just before (or after) getting married.  They can be passed down from generation to generation and last for an indefinite amount of time if well maintained! However, for those less sentimental (as is apparently the the case with my neighbor) passed from house to front sidewalk as trash!

Now, this is when I (rather my parents) come into the picture! Whilst taking our lovely puppy-at-heart Hazel on a walk, my parents stumbled upon the lovely treasure of a cedar hope chest sitting on the front sidewalk of our neighbors house!

Okay, now THIS is where I really come into the picture because I jumped on the chance to get not only a new coffee table but also a piece that is 1) free and 2) STORAGE! Now, since I am rather new to this blogging thing you may not know this tidbit of info about me: I LOVE MULTIPURPOSE PEICES! (yes, the caps were totally needed.)

I cannot wait to show you this piece but for now, the chest is still in my parents house on the other side of the state; but, I can sense the promise in this piece no matter the distance! So until it arrives and is in my possession I will refrain from posting any pictures that I may or may not have of this little (not so little) beauty! I seriously cannot wait to show you how awesome it turns out to be!

That’s about it for today, I just really wanted to get back to posting since it has been about 4 months since I last did. Any who, if you’re out there still, my game plan is to try and post once a week from here on out about (as you probably guessed) anything that comes to mind because remember anything goes! Thats all from me folks have a fantastic labor day weekend, don’t work to hard!





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