Sunny Day, SunnyButter

It’s not every day that you get to just sit around and do a whole lot of nothing… However, when those magical days do come along their rarity should be treasured with the full belief that it will never come again! At least thats what I do because, in the lifestyle that I live – that is the one of a full time student, working three part time jobs, maintaing a healthy long-term relationship and a functioning social life – it may very well be the case that a day just to myself never does happen. (At least it sure feels that way sometimes!)

Anyways, I am currently still glowing from the glory that was the entire day of full of relaxation and me-time I had all to myself yesterday. And a day spend focusing on my sanity and recuperating from a long, hectic first week of the semester was just what I needed. It provided me with time to appreciate the hard work I’d put in this summer and also just reflect on everything that has happened in the past few months.

I completed what was the most professionally demanding Summer yet, working more than full time at three different jobs (two of which were paid internships). I also traveled with my university choir on our first international tour on and got closer with my fellow choir ladies than I’d ever expected possible! I also took one of the biggest steps of my life by moving int0 an apartment with my long-term boyfriend. The two of us also went on our first family vacation together with my mothers side and he saw sides of my personal life that I had yet to show anyone, and, despite this new insight (surprisingly) he still loves me just the same which is all I can hope for!

Coming off of such an eventful Summer, I also experienced a sentiment entirely new to me. That is: I was excited for the school year to start and for things to SLOW down! I know that it is an entirely novel idea to conceive but we shall see if my senior year is in fact more relaxing than the Summer. Only time will tell!

Now, to the actual point of today’s post. Whilst enjoying a day all to myself, I had some free time (obvi) to enjoy making one of my new favorite treats: SunButter Cups! I am still quite the rookie-blogger so I forgot to document the process of making these deliciously decadent and HEALTHY treats. I will make another post with the recipe sometime soon, but for now I just wanted to make a little plug about them!

Digression time! I have had my allergies (rather I have been aware of them) since 4th grade. When, while enjoying some lovely oyster stew I became part of a twisted Hitch reenactment; ears quintuple the size and hives covering 75% percent of body and all! My dad, ever the humorist, still makes causal party talk of the incident to this day and in hindsight if you put the utter fear and shock I was experiencing aside, the event may admittedly have some slapstick comedic value.

Digression aside, that night lead me to realize I have about 20 different food allergies all  varying in their severity. The most notable and common include my allergy to all things nut! Thus, ever since the 4th grade my Easters and Halloweens have lacked the adorable Resses cups shaped respectively like eggs and pumpkins. And, for reasons escaping my knowledge it has taken me this long to create my own nut-free substitutes for these treats!

So, what better day than a day spend fully appreciating life and relaxing in deep reflective thought to attempt a creation of this childhood favorite treat?! Which is exactly what I did. with some special alterations and combinations of various other recipes I created a Healthy SunnyButter Cup that is just as satisfying for its flavor as it is for its health benefits! But, alas you will need to wait until I create another batch and properly document the creation process for a full recipe-post dedicated entirely to these decedent treats. I hope you can hold out and stick with me in the mean time! If you are in the same boat as me and are looking for a nut-butter substitute I prefer the SunButter brand products as they are totally worry free for me due to my specific allergy spectrum!

Thanks for sticking around in this rather long post, I hope it was at least slightly interesting to you! If you have questions or comments feel free to comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Until next time!





High Hopes in a Hope Chest

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND! For some that means a 3-4 day weekend of time off and relaxation. For others, it’s more of a philosophical holiday rather than a physical one. But, you know what that means to me? Three full days of work… just not in an office or classroom setting. Not, that I’m complaining! I much prefer my sofa and ambient Netflix to an uncomfortable desk and putting on clothes! This long weekend has also brought an exciting development to my decor situation: the addition of an old cedar hope chest!

Before coming across this piece I had no clue what a hope chest was, much to my mothers’ confusion since she raised a true romanic! But for those who don’t know, just as I didn’t before acquiring this piece, a hope chest is traditionally given to a bride (or bride to be) just before (or after) getting married.  They can be passed down from generation to generation and last for an indefinite amount of time if well maintained! However, for those less sentimental (as is apparently the the case with my neighbor) passed from house to front sidewalk as trash!

Now, this is when I (rather my parents) come into the picture! Whilst taking our lovely puppy-at-heart Hazel on a walk, my parents stumbled upon the lovely treasure of a cedar hope chest sitting on the front sidewalk of our neighbors house!

Okay, now THIS is where I really come into the picture because I jumped on the chance to get not only a new coffee table but also a piece that is 1) free and 2) STORAGE! Now, since I am rather new to this blogging thing you may not know this tidbit of info about me: I LOVE MULTIPURPOSE PEICES! (yes, the caps were totally needed.)

I cannot wait to show you this piece but for now, the chest is still in my parents house on the other side of the state; but, I can sense the promise in this piece no matter the distance! So until it arrives and is in my possession I will refrain from posting any pictures that I may or may not have of this little (not so little) beauty! I seriously cannot wait to show you how awesome it turns out to be!

That’s about it for today, I just really wanted to get back to posting since it has been about 4 months since I last did. Any who, if you’re out there still, my game plan is to try and post once a week from here on out about (as you probably guessed) anything that comes to mind because remember anything goes! Thats all from me folks have a fantastic labor day weekend, don’t work to hard!