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Welcome, Wilkomen, Howdy and Hello!

I am thrilled you decided to check out Em-ything Goes! This is a site where really anything is up for discussion. I mostly talk about the little creative projects that I am working on, like refurbishing old decor or furniture pieces, baking and my music.

With Communication Rhetoric and Global and Popular Music majors I clearly didn’t go to school to get rich, rather I did so with hopes to pursue a creative career in doing something that I love! Growing up my parents would always say that if you are happy and doing what you love, then success will find you. And those words have never rang more true than they do today!

Some have called me naive, but I prefer optimistic, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, if you like to do what you love and love what you do stick around.

If you are stuck somewhere doing something about which you are dispassionate or you feel like there is more you could be doing to make yourself happy and follow your own passions, I say go for it! And, I hope that you can find some inspiration here!

Em-ything Goes is a place of positivity where no discussion is off the table, so stick around and see what happens next!


Emmie P.